About us

Virtual Classes
Learn online Face-to-face with our Virtual Classes. No video tutorials or one-course-fit-all approach.
Expert Workshops
Targeted workshops with the industry professionals to bring a holistic development among students.
Learning Promise
Get the amazing ability to Animate 3D characters and a showreel of your own by the end of the course.
How it all started
Our story

The world is in a shift. It is building around technology and we are technology lovers. Being ardent Animators and equally passionate trainers we want to personalise Animation learning from the comfort of your home.

We are a team of dedicated professionals having experience in different animation styles, international animation based projects, and 10+ years of animation & VFX training. The two main components beside ‘animation’ of our organisation are.

    1. Training

    2. Technology

    1. Training

    2. Technology

Our Vision and Our Mission:
Creating strongly competitive artists.

There is a great dearth of good artist because most of the educational academies and institutes teach very generic content. The few who do teach in detail are mostly out of the reach because of their huge fee structures.

Keeping in mind how difficult it is to find the finest learnings and at an affordable price, our vision is to create sublime artist with unparalleled training in this dynamic Media and Entertainment industry.

Our digital platform would bring best brains from any corner of the country right to your home. We intend to bridge the gap between the right artists and the right production houses.

Why Novarsity?
Benefits of Online VirtualClasses

Novarsity provides you the best personalised live classes from the comfort of your home. There are two core focuses of ours, one; the content we teach and two; the medium we teach i.e. the VirtualClass. This medium uses an interface which actually replicates face to face learning, just the way a teacher and student learns sitting in front of each other.

It’s indifferent: Novarsity VirtualClassroom is always many steps ahead of any Video lectures that are up there on various website. These videos never promise a skill to you so we don’t suggest a ‘one-course-fits-all’ waste, but the way learning should happen: with expert faculties, Live and Personalized.

No worrying about the extreme weather conditions outside, may it be freezing cold, rainy or scorching hot, or even a pandemic, hope we never face another one. You have the safety and comfort of your home to go ahead with the class.

Anytime, anywhere is the phrase best suited to Novarsity as you can go on with a class even on your mobile device with a good internet connection.

We use WebRTC, one of the latest and cutting edge technology to delivery our online virtual class. WebRTC stands for web real-time communications. It is powerful, it is exciting, and highly disruptive innovative technology and requires no installation of any additional software to enable our VirtualClass.

Cost Effective: Compare it with any regular classes and you would find that Novarsity has brought you the best of minds at a very reasonable fee structure.

Best talented faculty with proven records.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a Virtual Classroom and how it is better?

A virtual classroom is an online learning environment. This environment can be web-based which can be accessed through a website via a specialised software or browser. Here a student and a teacher logs into a virtual learning environment at the same time. With both screen activity and teacher actions are visible through the screen the learning is as efficient as a face to face class in an offline learning environment.

How does ‘Novarsity Virtual Classroom’ delivers through cutting-edge technology?

We use WebRTC, one of the latest and cutting edge technology to delivery our online virtual class. WebRTC stands for web real-time communications. It is a powerful, it is exciting, and highly disruptive cutting-edge technology. WebRTC utilises a set of plugin-free APIs that can be used in both mobile and desktop browsers. It is progressively becoming supported by all major modern browsers i.e. it is a built-in technology and no software are required to be installed in order to run these classes hence it is much more towards anytime-anywhere.

Can I request for a Trail Session?

Yes, you can request a trail session. We do hold such trail sessions from time to time so in order to request for a seat in one such class you need to contact us so that we can provide you a specific time for your trail class. You can use the contact us form to request for a trail class mentioning the same in the comment section.

What if I missed a lecture?

We encourage the students must not miss taking a class. But in the event of a student miss his/her class he or she can be permitted to view the recording at the discretion of the faculty. The student must convey about his/her absence beforehand.

Do I get the software for my classes too?

Since we recommend Autodesk Maya for animation so you can download a student version of the program for free from Autodesk website. Here is the direct link for the same http://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/maya

Do we have exams here?

A student is assigned to periodic assignments rather than exams. These assignments will come with a set timeline which a student must submit on time.